Wedding Photographer

When it comes to wedding photography, you'll find that our photography incorporates a mix of styles which can include, artistic, photojournalistic (editorial), and candid digital wedding photography. Our personal photography philosophy is to approach each wedding day as a unique entity rather than a "one size fits all" approach to your big day, as many wedding photographers do.

After all, each couple, bride, groom, and wedding are unique and creates their own personality and style. And it's this personality and style we enjoy capturing through the camera lens. (of course, it's all digital) This very special occasion needs great attention to detail, patience and artistic flair to capture the wonderful glimpses of romance, the fun, and glamour of the day, the way a family unites and celebrates this truly fantastic time. There are some ideal photography formal backgrounds in Hamilton and the Waikato region plus some great places to stay for your wedding night. For larger weddings, we can assist with referring you to a wedding planner that will take you through all the options to make sure your wedding day is a truly magical experience.

The Lead Photographer - "I have always loved photography. During my career, I have worked in a number of countries in everything from fashion, tourism, celebrity and modeling photography. When working out of my studio in Christchurch some of the models I worked with got married and approached me to cover their weddings. Using that extensive background in photography I know how to create a unique, photographic record capturing all the emotion, spirit and soul of your wedding. I want you to have the best day of your lives, to soak up the atmosphere and spend time with your friends and family while I create beautiful images that stand the test of time. By combining natural photographs with stunning and creative portraits you get a great mix of photography which tells the whole story of your wedding day."

Lead Photographer

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